Volunteer Work

The Culturally Involved volunteer work programme is being organised almost from the very first days of existence of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. The offer prepared in one of the most modern museum facilities in the country is addressed to people interested in culture, sociology, history, and migration issues.

Our programme includes long-term and short-term cooperation: we want to involve volunteers in most of the activities, both within the scope of permanent activity of the institution and in the event organisation. We want the museum to be brimming with life: we invite people of all ages, with various experiences and knowledge. The common denominator of our volunteers is the willingness to act and build a common good based on co-creation of a cultural institution. We generate engagement, give opportunities, provide care.

Currently, we are cooperating with more than 150 volunteers aged 14-79. We are very grateful for their support!

We encourage all persons interested in joining the Culturally Involved programme.

Upcoming events