“Movings” – temporary exhibition

Żółty plakat. W lewym górnym rogu napis: Przeprowadzki. Wystawa familijna. 30.04-31.01.2023. Obok logo Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni oraz miasta Gdynia. Poniżej rysunki: meble, rośliny, zabawki i zwierzęta przemieszane ze sobą i zwrócone w różne strony. Na dole logotypy partnerów.

We have all moved at least once at different stages of our lives. Relocating can be a challenge, especially for children. The new exhibition “Przeprowadzki” [“Movings”] tells the story of emotions that the youngest children may experience in such a situation. Together with the protagonists of the exhibition we learn the answers to the questions what is migration and why do people migrate, and we learn to tame the unknown. It is important to talk about this today, especially because of the war in Ukraine, which has caused so many of its citizens to find a new home in Poland.

The “Przeprowadzki” [“Movings”] exhibition is an intergenerational adventure whose protagonists are: Franek, who moves to a new place with his parents, and Olena, a Ukrainian girl living in Poland with her family. It is because of their friendship that you will be able to witness the changing world through the eyes of a child. This exhibition was developed with the participation of children and they influenced its final shape. Therefore, during your visit you may feel as if you are part of a story which you are listening to, watching and completing with action.

Although the exhibition is geared towards children between 6 and 12 years of age, it contains many elements that will also appeal to younger audiences. During “Przeprowadzki” [“Movings”] we will learn the story of the young protagonists, prepare for the big move, practice taming children’s fears, learn about the migration of animals and things, and listen to a specially prepared radio play about the migrating Jackal. The exhibition is designed for children to explore together with their families and caregivers

The exhibition will run from 30 April to the end of January 2023 and it has been made accessible in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with IKEA, which amongst others, provided the Museum with furniture that will subsequently enter a second-hand circuit in the IKEA Circular Hub marketplace. Another partner is Storytel, which has lent its voice to the characters in the exhibition and produced a fable about animals migrating as a result of climate change. You can listen to an extract from it at the exhibition, and the full version will be available from April 29th on Storytel. The exhibition would also not have been possible without the support of the “Akcja Anima” and the “Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę” Foundation.N


Anna Posłuszna, Katarzyna Witt

Content team:

Joanna Gojżewska, Marta Otrębska, Ludwika Radacka – Majek, Liliia Antoniuk

Project consulting and production assistance:

Karolina Grabowicz- Matyjas, Maksymilian Bochenek, Monika Górka, Hanna Gryka

Design and arrangement:

Kosmos Project – Ewa Bochen, Maciej Jelski

Visual identity and illustrations:

Acapulco Studio  – Agata Dudek, Małgorzata Nowak


Studio Robot

Project coordinator:

Anna Posłuszna


Katarzyna Witt

Editing and proofreading:

Iga  Fijałkowska


Agencja Skrivanek – Biuro Tłumaczeń

Young experts:

Jagna Błaż, Laura Kaim – Perkowska, Oleksandra Korol, Vasylyna Korol, Hania Kowalczuk, Krzyś Kowalczuk, Jonasz Krause, Bartłomiej Losik, Emilka Purish, Oliwer Radzimiński, Anna Vlasenko, Franciszek Witt, Kostek Żukowski, Tytus Żukowski

Consultation of multicultural strands:

Maria Beburia, Taras Gembik – grupa Blyzkist

Accessibility coordinator:

Marta Otrębska, Rafał Lis

This exhibition would not have been possible without guidance and support from:

Olgi Ciszewskiej, Olgi Czechowej, Oksany Dubovyk, Karoliny Jusińskiej, Agnieszki Kaim, Joanny Pająk, Reginy Kulig – Posłuszny, Aleksandry Solińskiej, Natalii Wielebskiej, Angeliki Zioga – Wadas, Anny Żukowskiej

Special thanks to all the employees of The Emigration Museum in Gdynia engaged in creating the exhibition!

Media partners:

Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto, Ładne Bebe, Radio TOK FM, Trójmiasto.pl


IKEA, Storytel, Akcja Anima


Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę, PPNT Centrum Designu

Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Gdynia


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