Visiting with a child

Visiting with a child


Low-floor public transport buses stop near the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.

Parents with children in prams can use the ramp entrance on the left side of the main entrance. If the door is closed – please ring the bell on the left side of the door.

Access and walking around

The building is equipped with two lifts and no thresholds. The toilets in the main hall of the Maritime Station, the Transit Warehouse, and restaurant are equipped with changing tables. Our employees make every effort to ensure that families with children feel comfortable.

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition is designed in a way to make our youngest guests feel comfortable. Elements of our exhibition can be experienced not only visually, but also through touch. The exhibition includes places where you can sit down and rest, as well as toilets with changing tables.


The Museum is a friendly space for breastfeeding mothers. The exhibition has many comfortable spots.

Attractions for the youngest visitors

The permanent exhibition is equipped with multimedia, and also engages the sense of smell and hearing. Our youngest visitors assess: a wall covered with imitations of potatoes, a transatlantic liner deck (a cabin), a room with an interior of an aircraft, a Fiat 125p car, and an imitation of a huge radio from the times of communist Poland as the most interesting places/items in the museum. In addition, the story about the Sikora family, who emigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th century, enjoys great interest among children. This narrative is weaved into the large part of the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to learn, on the example of the Sikora family, what emigration looked like in the old times. In addition, the exhibition includes places designed for the youngest visitors: movable cubes – jigsaws, a mobile toy moved around by hand, showing the speed of selected means of transport, numerous spyholes placed on the exhibition walls.

Educational materials

Especially for the kids, we prepared dedicated folders and educational leaflets. Our youngest guests can read a brochure containing tasks related to the permanent exhibition. The Museum space includes user-friendly sightseeing regulations designed in cooperation with children. The bookstore offers “A Book Open to the World” (“Książka otwarta na świat”) published by the Museum and which received the “Historical Event of 2018” award and title of “The Most Beautiful Book of 2018) granted by the Polish Book Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Książek).

Little Traveller Room

Parents with small children are encouraged to spend some time in the Little Traveller Room, where they can find, among other things, interesting books on emigration, trips and cultures of the world, educational multimedia application, unique MS Batory transatlantic liner model, and soft pillows to rest on. In addition, a board with information for the kids on how the museum operates is displayed at the Museum’s ticket office. It is an alternative to traditional regulations, it was co-created by children and employees of the institution. In the museum hall, we also show a video that was created with children in mind: in a simple way, it shows what attractions await the youngest visitors.

Please follow our regular offer of workshops for children and exceptional activities for the little ones, which accompany each major event organised at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.