Our internet site meets with appreciation!

Our website polska1.pl, created by NAOKO, met with appreciation during the 2015 Visible Museum Competition and received the third prize in the category “internet site graphics”.

The new internet site was launched even before the opening of the Museum in May 2015. On principle it was supposed to be a site which would not only provide information on the institution’s wide scope of activity but which would also refer to its mission and unique location. The name refers to the street where the Museum’s historic building, the Marine Station in Gdynia, is located.

The Visible Museum Competition assesses the graphic identification of museums and temporary exhibitions, book-form and electronic publications as well as the website graphics of museum institutions across Poland. The jury comprised Professor Maciej Buszewicz, Dr Wojciech Janicki, Dr hab. Dawid Korzekwa, Magdalena Ponagajbło, Professor Władysław Pluta and Tomasz Rygalik. The organiser is the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections in Warsaw in partnership with the Association of Polish Graphic Designers.

Please note that during the 2013 Visible Museum Competition our museum made it to the final five in the category “visual identification”.

Second prize in the identification category went to the Museum of the City of Gdynia. The full list of all winners is available at the site of the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections in Warsaw. [READ]


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