E-migration. Polish technological diaspora.

Ambitious, Talented and Diligent. They willingly accept challenges, consistently aim to meet their goals, they love to travel and are curious of the world. The number of highly-qualified Poles working abroad is continually on the rise. What are they really like and what motivates them?

“E-migration. Polish Technological Diaspora” is a research project carried out in two editions: between 2018 and 2019 and 2020 and 2021 by the Emigration Museum in Gdynia and the PLUGin Polish Innovation Diaspora Foundation.

The purpose of the study was to source information about Poles and persons of Polish origin employed abroad in modern economy sectors, by compiling basic data pertaining to their personal and professional situation. The scope of the study covered socio-demographic, professional and family aspects. The respondents provided answers to the questions pertaining to social relations on emigration, feeling of identity and the bond with the country, the perspective of returning to Poland and the cooperation with native institutions.

The studies encompassed Polish emigrants, persons with Polish roots and Polish trans-migrants, ex-pats or modern nomads, who are working abroad in technological, innovative and creative industries.

In each case, surveys for the project were carried out in two stages. The first stage were quantity studies in the form of a survey posted on-line on website www.e-migracja.eu, whereas during the second part, in-depth interviews were carried out with the representatives of the Polish technological diaspora. Our study is currently the only source of knowledge about this group of Poles who are living abroad. This is a pioneer project that is going to be continued.

I think that one of the greatest opportunities for development in Poland are people who work abroad and who want to cooperate with Poland or wish to come back there. They are carrying this huge potential, a load of energy that you simply have to put it in order and it seems that it could allow for strengthening the position of the Polish universities around the world and the people who work there, but also the industry, in order to make it more competitive. (Man, 34 years of age, Norway).

First and foremost, if one acts as a connector and builds bridges between the countries, there is the flow of knowledge and inspiration. This may result in business partnerships among companies or among academic milieus. Such flows of information are important. (Woman, 34 years of age, Singapore)

Full report “E-migration: Polish Technological Diaspora” is available in Polish for free on-line:

– Download 2018–2019 report

– Download 2020–2021 report

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