MEGafon Kultury [Culture MEGaphone] is a project implemented in 2016-2017, aimed at involving persons aged 16-25 in the activities of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. A dozen or so people took part in workshops and worked with employees of various departments of the Museum to learn about the functioning of the institution from the inside.

“Young people are not interested in simply watching photographs and reading scientific texts – we were forced to do that in primary school. We want to feel something, identify with something” – said Klara, one of the project participants, as part of which we have included teenagers and college students in the activities of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.

We began with changing the title of the project from “Check Out the Museum” (“Ogarnij Muzeum”) to “Culture MEGaphone” (“MEGafon Kultury”). The first one, according to our young co-creators, was a stretch and “sounded like someone was forcing themselves to talk like young people”. We ended up with creating a concept for a mobile app dedicated to young people and to refresh the formula of the Night of Museums, which in 2017, thanks to cooperation with youths, was truly unique. In the meantime, we danced together during workshops with Agata Gregorkiewicz, we designed and sewed costumes under the supervision of Mona Rena Górska, and we created stop-motion animations with Sylwester Gałuszka.

What else did we do? In in the summary publication of the project, we show the behind-the-scenes of the eighteen months of our activities. We share tips on how to work with young people and look at good practices in this respect. We also examine why museums need new technologies and show the initial steps to take in applying the work method of Design Thinking, which makes it easier to understand the needs of the audience (or rather participants) to the activities of cultural institutions and to react to them so that they can fully identify with these actions.

Download a free-of-charge publication in Polish: [pdf – DOWNLOAD] | [epub – DOWNLOAD]

Co-financed from the fund of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

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