The temporary exhibition: Marco Godinho and Florian Tuercke

The masterpieces of the artist Museum invited to GDYNIA ZONE at the Open’er Festival 2018 had been perfectly received by the audience. Responding to the continued interest, we would like to invite you to see them again in the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.The installation entitled Forever Immigrant by Marco Godinho and the audio-video work Urban Audio. Gdynia by Florian Tuercke could be visited since Septmebr 30, 2018 in the Transit Warehouse of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.

Multiplication of images and sounds is the common denominator for both artists, while they mingling with a word, that is dynamic, full of incentives and events. What matter to Marco Godinho, are social plots relating to global migration movements and the way they affect the contemporary world. His works are made through multiple stamping of the seal bearing the phrase Forever Immigrant. Florian Tuercke travels around the world, recording portraits of the cities. Urban Audio. Gdynia is a project built around the relationship between the space of Gdynia and its sound. Owing to tailored instruments, he records and transforms sounds of the street into an extraordinary urban symphony.

Forever Immigrant,project commenced by Marco Godinho in 2012 is a comment on emotion-driven migration movements. That’s why the pattern and size of the phrase reminds administrative stamps. A single seal of an official decides on the human fate and the scale of contemporary emigration and an attempt to control them influence the future of millions of individuals. Multiplication of formal seals stamped one to another resembles clouds or schools drifting above the city. The artist showed another presentation of his installation in Gdynia, with the participation of museum’s visitors and audience of Open’er Festival.

The Gdynia context is particularly inspiring for the discussion on global people’s movement. From the very start, this coastal dynamic city has been co-created by the individuals coming from different parts of Poland. For Florian Tuercke, street traffic is an elusive composition, that has been established by all its participants: inhabitants, tourists, visitors. Whilst implementing Urban Audio. Gdynia project, the German artist moved around the city in a specially designed vehicle, that acted as a sound lab.

The instruments he applies have built-in strings, that, once tuned, sound with various tones. This urban music is accompanied with a multi-layer, city portrait being on the move, which illustrates a complex face of Gdynia, an agglomeration perpetually shaped by its new dwellers. The movie had been made upon a special request from the Emigration Museum in Gdynia and had its premiereat the Open’er Festival.


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