Summer full of attractions

When on the Baltic seaside, remember that you are invited to 1 Polska Street. A visit at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia is a perfect idea for the whole family! You will see an exhibition that stimulates all the senses. See the pride of the entrance to the Gdynia port – the Maritime Station which has been open to the public for merely a year. Children can blow off their creative steam at the Vacation Creativity Zone. At sunset, on the other hand, you can participate in the concerts on the panorama terrace.

What is today’s modern museum like? You can forget about countless display cases and dusty exhibits behind the glass. Today, museums are much more similar to an exciting film, whose characters you can easily identify with. History does not have to be boring at all. On the contrary, it can be an exciting adventure.

It is similar at the Emigration Museum – the entire exhibition was arranged into a tale. The multimedia screens are just the beginning. You will hear the languages, which were spoken on the Polish territories centuries ago and smell what the passengers of steamers could smell.

Visit us at the Maritime Station, which is located right on the waterfront. This is the very place where the magnificent ships of the Polish passenger fleet used to be moored. Now, you can admire the world’s largest cruise ships.

Do you like good music? Then, you are going to love the concerts on the panorama terrace. From indie-rock, through folk, to the best sort of pop. We play in the evenings. There is no other place, where you can see such sunsets.

The Vacation Creativity Zone guarantees fun to the youngest visitors every day. Summer is a perfect time for developing your talents and stimulating your imagination. Together, we discover artistic activities inspired by the sea.

If you want to see something, which you will keep talking to your friends about for a long time, join us at the architectural walks along the route of unique locations we have selected. Download the map and set off to an unassisted meeting with industrial space, full of surprises.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia is worth visiting anytime. Here, you can have coffee at the quiet bistro or eat dinner at the restaurant with the most beautiful view in the city. Remember: summer is short and there are many attractions. Visit us, even today!


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