An Idea for the May Break – event report

What a successful day! As part of the May 2 celebration of the Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad, we all had our “Idea for the May Break”. The exceptionally eventful science picnic at the Pomorski Science & Technology Park was visited by nearly 2200 people! The workshops of robot construction, manufacturing instruments, recording and editing of sound, designing and manufacturing pins all met with huge interest. Masses of spectators also visited the presentations of the molecular kitchen by Professor Why and the educators from the Experyment Center. In the area surrounding the technology park complex, many families had fun participating in our urban game. There were also lectures and showcases of documentary films on the protagonists of this day – Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Jan Czochralski, Kazimierz Prószyński, Stefan Kudelski, Piotr Słonimski, and Aleksander Wolszczan, therefore there was plenty of physics, chemistry, genetics, extraordinary technology, and awe-inspiring astronomy. This sensational day concluded with the concert of “Małe Instrumenty” – a band that performs music on the instruments they constructed themselves.


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