“Ask About Poland” with the Emigration Museum

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia would like to invite residents ofthe Tri-City to create a colourful story about their return to Poland. As part of the project “Ask About Poland”, the recently opened museum is looking for people with experience of emigration, who decided to return to their homeland. The intergenerational group, made up of 20 people, will take part in unique workshops, the culmination of which will be a radio documentary and interviews recorded as oral history, which will enrich the museum’s collections. We would like to encourage you to share your story and to show us what the Tri-City and Poland mean to you at present. Create the Emigration Museum with us!

A great deal has been said about Poles who remain abroad but we still know very little about those who decided to return to Poland. The Emigration Museum in Gdynia wishes to fill this gap and, in co-operation with former emigrants, create a multi-thread story about returns to Poland – in the past and more recently.

The participants in the “Ask About Poland” project, in a group of 20 people,will meet twice in workshops which will allow them not only to look at the diversity of their emigration experiences over the past decades but also give them the chance to develop their interests as reporters, researchers or photographers. Equipped with tools necessary for the creative collection of audio-visual material and conducting interviews, the group will work on a story about emigration and return to the Tri-City.

All interviews conducted will be published on the Museum’s website dedicated to oral history and, together with the documentary created with the help of a Radio Gdańsk journalist, will form an invitation to a discussion on the topic of emigration then and now. In this way, the Museum would like to invite former emigrants to share their own experience and, through the prism of their return to their homeland, to ask them about Polishness and patriotism.

The name of the project is inspired by the song “Nie pytaj o Polskę” (“Don’t Ask About Poland”) by Obywatel G.C.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. Entries can be sent to powroty@muzeumemigracji.pl or by phone +48 58 670 41 67/62

The Museum will not accept entries after 31 August.


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