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Recruitment by 14 October

Instructor: Izabela Żukowska

Have you ever wanted to become a writer? We’ll help you to make the first step! We’d like to invite you to creative writing workshops run by Izabela Żukowska from the renowned “Szkoła Pisania” (Writing School). Participants in these free workshops will be selected from among those who submit a text on the theme of emigration by 14 October.

The classes will be devoted to everything a budding writer should know, from searching for inspiration, through creating the main and supporting characters, collecting material, learning about structure and narrative techniques, up to a general overview of the publishing market. You will discover what the options are for an aspiring author and what he or she should pay attention to when dealing with publishers. Most importantly, though, you will learn how to create unforgettable stories and attract the attention of many readers.

The workshops are free of charge but attendance is subject to recruitment on the basis of submitted texts. We are waiting for short (3-5 pages i.e. a maximum of 9,000 characters each) stories on the theme of emigration (Polish language only). These stories will be the basis for recruitment to the writing workshops. Assessment will focus on writing skills, structure and appeal, as well as overall writing technique. Classes have been scheduled for 24 October (12.00-15.00) and 31 October (13.00-16.00).

Izabela Żukowska – journalist, writer, co-owner of the creative writing school “Sztuka Pisania”, musicologist, sociologist. Author of “Teufel”, “Gotenhafen” and “Skaza”. Works for Polish Radio I.

Please send your entries (name, surname and contact number) to:


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