Criminal Fridays

Do you like solving puzzles and actively exploring new places? Are you a fan of detective stories or RPG? Or maybe it is fun for you to solve puzzles in an escape room? If so, the series of detective games at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia is for you.

The details of the game are strictly confidential! Even the director of the museum does not know what to expect when it gets dark at Gdynia Maritime Station. The only thing that is clear is that the port of Gdynia hides many secrets. Tracking scams of immigration agents, looking for thieves of valuable relics, discovering spine-chilling puzzles from the past – everything can happen. You will need nerves of steel and razor-like mind – it’s no coincidence that James Bond’s biggest opponent came from Gdynia!

Twice a month, on selected Fridays, the game participants have a puzzle to solve – they will be assisted by detectives, police officers and other unexpected guests. Only for adrenaline junkies!

A series of museum games for the youth and adults is an offer which differs from traditional forms of visiting a museum. The subject of the games is related to the Emigration Museum – its exhibition, the history of emigration and the building itself, but also to its harbour surroundings and criminal themes in the history of Gdynia. Twice a month, on selected Fridays, the game participants get a puzzle to solve. Every time they can rely on the help of clues placed all over the museum as well as unexpected guests.

The next Criminal Fridays: 12th May, 26 th May.

The game is intended for adults and teenagers aged 16 and over. In order to take part in the game it is necessary to sign up in advance (providing name and phone number) to the following e-mail address:
The cost of participation is PLN 10.


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