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We are open to your ideas. All ideas. Culture MEGaphone project involves workshop meetings. By means of the methods used by designers we are planning to launch a mobile application and a cultural event for young people. We work in two groups – “Event” and “Application”. You can choose the one which is more interesting for you, or you can take part in both.

MEGaphone meetings started in October, but there is still a lot in front of us – for example stop motion animation workshop on 8-9 April. You can join at any time. Interested? Email us at or call at 58 670 41 56 and inform us which activities you are interested in. We will send you an application form. All activities are free of charge … and, yes, there are even biscuits, too.


The aim: to design a mobile application with the use of AR technology

Meetings: selected Mondays, 4.30-6.30pm + animation workshops 8-9 April

The Emigration Museum exhibition is modern, multimedia and it appeals to many senses (there are even smells!). Together we are designing an application that will guide young people around the exhibition in a surprising way. We will be using, for instance, AR (augmented reality). At the weekend stop-motion animation workshop we will try to animate pictures and graphics which later on, thanks to the augmented reality technology, will be exhibited.You will learn everything from scratch. The workshop will be led by Sylwester Gałuszka from Colony of Artists.

Next meeting: 10 April


The aim: to organize an event for the Long Night of Museums

Meetings: selected Saturdays

The Long Night of Museums in less than three months’ time! We need your help in coming up with, organizing and promoting an awesome event. Last year we made a great Silent Disco party with a few hundred headphones and three DJs. It is up to you what we will do this year!

Next meeting: 8 April, 3pm.

If you want to learn something about large events organization, set your first steps on a career path in the cultural industry or just have fun – come for MEGaphone! Maybe you can take your friends with you?

Co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

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