Emigration Museum gets distinction in Sybilla

The Emigration Museum won a distinction in the Sybilla competition. We have been awarded in the Historical and Archaeological Exhibitions category. It was the 36th edition of the Sybilla Competition for the Museum Event of the Year 2015 organised by the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections. The awards were handed in on 23rd May 2016 in the National Opera of the Grand Theatre.

The history of the Sybilla competition goes back to 1980, when the Ministry of Culture came up with the idea to launch a competition for the most eminent achievements in museology.

During the last thirty years, the formula of the competition has changed several times, however it is still the most significant form of recognition in Polish museology.

Since the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections was established in 2011, it has become the organiser of Sybilla. At that point, the competition was also divided into five exhibiting categories, depending on the difference in the museums’ fields of operation and the sizes of their collections. The categories encompass the more traditional areas, like research activity, conservation, education and publishing or the dynamically developing digitalization and investments.

More information and the list of other laureates at: http://konkurssybilla.nimoz.pl/


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