Emigration Station hosts Janusz Kaniewski, a designer

meeting – discussion

Janusz Kaniewski
A Pole in the world of design
Led by: Hubert Bilewicz

On April 11, 6 pm, we would like to invite you to a meeting with Janusz Kaniewski – one of the most established young Polish designers who has successfully worked on the domestic, as well as the international market. He also works as a lecturer at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin and at the Royal College in London. He began his career in the famous car designer company Pininfarina in Italy. He has worked for Fiat, Ferrari, and Lancia. Upon his return to Poland he established Kaniewski Haute Design – a design studio catering design services to such brands like Orlen and Koło, but also to individual clients in the field of furniture and interior design. He is also connected to Gdynia Design Days festival, which he curated in 2012.

During his meeting with the Emigration Museum, Janusz Kaniewski will talk about his experiences in the professional work abroad, as well as behind-the-scenes of the international design industry.

The discussion about Kaniewski’s designs, his artistic inspirations, the condition of the Polish design, as well as the international professional mobility of creators will be moderated by Hubert Bilewicz – an art historian from the Gdańsk Academy of Arts and the Univeristy of Gdańsk specializing in Polish industrial art and XX century design. The meeting will take place in Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny in Gdynia, in the recently opened Exposition and Conference Pavilion.

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