Female emigrants in their own voice

The three-day Female emigrants in their own voice literature project is an occasion to meet emigrant authors from Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. A huge distance separates them. They have different experiences and types of sensitivity. But what they have in common is the need to describe the world around them outside Poland. They are just a few of the thousands of women who have left our country after 2004. They talk about their experiences aloud, emphatically, rebelliously and with painful honesty.

The female writers who have been invited to participate in the project are not only authors who are renowned in Poland but also the undiscovered ones who still look for their readers. The intent observers of reality write about a new, still unexamined phenomenon – emigration of women. When the authors meet us during the event, they will talk about their prose’s relation to autobiographies and answer the question if think of themselves as emigrant authors. The varied writing of the authors will be presented by actors reading extracts of their books.

The “Is emigration a woman?” Debate moderated by dr Anna Kronenberg will be the concluding event of the project. Together with female literary scholars, culture experts and sociologists, we will wonder if emigrant Polish women are bound to be carers, waitresses, housewives and Polish mothers or if they can break a taboo, step out of the shadow and achieve a success.

The Emigrants speak in their own voice project is not only a literature event. It is also an occasion to take part in blogging, publishing and typography workshops. We have prepared creative artistic activities for children. We would also like to invite you to a concert of Maja Koman, a young composer and vocalist.


Sign up for the workshops at: emigrantki@muzeumemigracji.pl.

Free tickets to the concerts can be collected at the Emigration Museum’s ticket office from 28th October and on the day of the concert.

As a part of the project, we are organising a competitionfor the most interesting blog devoted to emigration, written by a woman (DOWNLOAD REGULATIONS).


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