Horizons of freedom. Emigration – Perspectives

We kindly invite you to participate in our competition for a radio play script.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia, in co-operation with Polish Radio Program III and Polish Radio Theater, announces a competition for an original script for a radio play focused on emigration.

The right to decide where we want to live, work, evolve, and establish a family is one of the fundamental manifestations of freedom. The special attachment of Poles to the idea of deciding their own fate – including their private life –always used to awake their dreams, ignite their ambitions, and make them draw bold plans. Oftentimes, the only means of realizing them was to set off and search for a place where it all could be possible.

Hundreds of thousands of young people with heads full of ideas cross the increasingly blurry borders of our country. They prove their skills in all areas without ever thinking they’re losing ties to their homeland – from scientific studies at prestigious universities, through work in business, to setting new directions in arts. It is a difficult task to show their activity, their openness of thinking, and courage in accomplishing the highest of aspirations – one needs to defeat the stereotypes that have been blurring the image of emigration for years. Still, emigrants are a living proof of the phenomenon of Polishness which can hold its ground anywhere and be successful everywhere.

Nobody is surprised these days to see how strong the identity of Poles abroad really is. Regardless of where they arrive to, be it United Kingdom, Argentina or Australia, they are able to organize themselves, find a common language, and join into the lives of societies they function in.

To talk about the lives of modern Polish emigrants, their desires and goals, is to show Poles in a situation of personal freedom they could always only dream of.

The organizers wish not to limit authors with respect to subject of form. Anything tackling the diversity and actuality of the problem may be interesting. The organizers expect original tales with interesting characters, tales with a universal message. Radio play – as a peculiar form of drama suspended in aural space – may prove to be a perfect vehicle for a statement on the present situation of people deciding to emigrate.

We will be waiting for the scripts until October 15, 2013!

The detailed regulations governing the competition can be found here.


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