m2/maison minière – an art installation by Robert Kuśmirowski.

A Polish immigrant family home in Belgium from the turn of the 1920s and 1930s.The structure of the building refers to residential constructions typical for mining settlements inhabited by the families of miners employed in local coal mines. The interior and the immediate surroundings of the house create imagery of the material culture of that period. The artist Robert Kuśmirowski meticulously recreated the appearance of individual rooms, filling them with furniture, dishes, religious objects and souvenirs brought by emigrants from distant Poland. Inside the house, there are traces of human presence, as if the house has been abandoned for just a moment by its inhabitants who have gone to Sunday mass or a festive fair organised by the neighbouring community.

There are small items of everyday use, household appliances, furniture, dishes, curtains, tapestries, tablecloths and bedspreads, rustic landscapes and religious pictures hanging on the walls. Kuśmirowski’s artistic activities have turned all these authentic items found in the attics of old houses to be demolished, rummaged in the landfill of unnecessary junk and purchased at flea markets into objects of aesthetic reflection; without losing anything of their material and instrumental role, they create a complete work of art.

The exhibition “Carboland” and the installation are open from 4 September 2020 until 30 May 2021. Admission to the exhibition and accompanying events is free of charge.

More informations: https://polska1.pl/en/carboland_-_exhibition/


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