Meeting with Łukasz Orbitowski

On Saturday 28 November at 16:00 we would like to extend an invitation to a meeting with Łukasz Orbitowski, a writer and author of such novels as Tracę ciepło and Inna dusza, nominated for the Nike and the Polityka‘s Passport Awards. “Poland seen from afar” is an offshoot of the “Literature without Borders” project, devoted to contemporary Polish emigration literature. The meeting will be translated into Polish Sign Language.

Łukasz Orbitowski began his writing career with sci-fi and horror, before slowly entering the mainstream. He intersperses his novels with painful Polish themes such as whether the Warsaw Uprising was justified. His novel Widma contains an alternative version of history in which the Uprising never took place. How has his life in Copenhagen influenced his perception of Poland? How does he, from a distance, view the debates and problems which divide the Polish people? Does emigration give a contemporary artist a new and wider perspective thus providing a source of inspiration? Does a contemporary artist feel like an emigrant when he leaves his country? And as an emigrant, is he doomed to ask about Poland?

On Saturday at 16:00 we would also like to invite children aged 5-10 to take part in educational workshops connected with the theme of emigration literature. The classes are subject to prior booking which can be made via email at with the date of classes, the child’s name, surname and age as well as the guardian’s telephone number.

Poland seen from afar

Guest: Łukasz Orbitowski | 28 November| 16.00 | Gdynia, ul. Polska 1

Host: Dagny Kurdwanowska

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