Popular temporary exhibition ‘Movings’ available until 31 January 2023!

Żółty plakat. W lewym górnym rogu napis: Przeprowadzki. Wystawa familijna. 30.04-31.01.2023. Obok logo Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni oraz miasta Gdynia. Poniżej rysunki: meble, rośliny, zabawki i zwierzęta przemieszane ze sobą i zwrócone w różne strony. Na dole logotypy partnerów.

The Movings exhibition has been visited by nearly 10,000 people since its opening in April 2022! We appreciate all the positive reviews and priceless reactions such as a child’s smile.

We know how difficult it is to talk to children about migration and life changes. That’s why we are extending the family exhibition ‘Movings’, which explains the difficult and teaches positive social attitudes. And who can best talk about ‘Movings’ if not them? Watch the video and see how close the topic of relocation is to our younger audiences.

On behalf of the Emigration Museum team and curators Anna Posłuszna and Katarzyna Witt, we would once again like to thank everyone involved for their help in creating a unique place on the museum map of Poland, including designers Kosmos Project, illustrators Acapulco Studio and producers from Studio Robot.

Many thanks to all those who took part in the production of the film. Special thanks to our young actors (in alphabetical order): Ania, Bartek, Irena, Jagna, Łucja, Kalina, Kostek, Oleksandra, Oliwer, Tytus, Vasylyna, Zuzia and their parents.

The Movings exhibition was created in collaboration with IKEA, among others lending furniture to the Museum, which will then enter a second circuit in the Circular Hub being created by IKEA. Another partner is Storytel , which has given voice to the characters in the exhibition and produced a fable about animals migrating as a result of climate change. You can listen to an excerpt of it at the exhibition, and the whole thing is available at Storytel.pl. The exhibition would also not have been possible thanks to the support of the Empowering Children Foundation and cooperation with Anima Action and the Gdynia Design Centre.


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