“Museum With No Exceptions 2016”

As of today, guides skilled in audio description and interpretation into sign language will give tours to the visitors of the Museum of Emigration in Gdynia. As a part of the Museum With No Exceptions project, children and adults with vision or hearing impairment as well as with intellectual disabilities will be able to see the permanent exhibition for free. What is more, a selection of the Museum events will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language. In May, a tailor made workshop programme for this group of visitors will be presented.

We believe that a modern cultural institution is a place which is open to everyone, with no exceptions. This is why we have called our extensive offer for people with disabilities “Museum With No Exceptions”. We wanted to not only provide this group of visitors with the possibility to see the exhibition comfortably, but also to give them a chance to be included in the cultural life of our facility regularly – says Anna Posłuszna from the education department of the facility.

As a part of the “Museum With No Exceptions”, you will be able to have a guided tour translated into Polish Sign Language or Speech and Sign System (SJM). People with vision impairment will be assisted by female guides with experience in audio description, who can also help them move around the building and discover the exhibits you can get familiar with through touch. People with deafblindness will be able to use the help of qualified interpreter-guides (the so called SKOGN translators). The guides of people with intellectual disabilities can, on the other hand, depending on the needs of the group give them tours and familiarise them with the main aspects of the exhibition or assist single individuals throughout the visit to allow them a personal perception of the museum. The assistance of the guides can begin as early as at the moment when the guest is collected from the bus stop. They will show you all the necessary facilities (cloakroom, toilet, café, etc.) and provide other forms of necessary assistance.

Interpretation into Polish Sign Language is available during lectures and meetings which take place at the Emigration Museum regularly.In April and May, there are two cycles of meetings which deserve special attention. As a part of the “Get to know the world with…” you can meet travellers, who have visited places connected with Polish emigration during their trips. Emilia Krywko, an author of a popular wietnam.info blog, is going to be our next guest. She will tell us about finding Polish traces in Vietnam and give a lecture on the culture and customs of this country.

The monthly “Objects now” cycle presents selected objects from the Museum’s collection of over 10,000 items. It is always a single object, which cannot be found at the permanent exhibition every day. In the April edition, we are presenting a traveller shaving set, which has inspired us to present classic design and examples of how toiletries have been used in art.

To take part in the offered activities, you need to book them in advance. In the case of the permanent exhibition, it must be done at least five business days prior to the visit. If you want to participate in the meetings which are interpreted into sign language, you need to notify the Museum three days earlier. You can make a booking as a group or as an individual, as both organised groups and individuals are welcome in our Museum. More information on “Museum With No Exceptions” can be found on the website of our facility.

The “Museum With No Exceptions” project is being conducted for the second time, thanks to the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

How to use the services of a guide?

A booking must be done at least 5 business days in advance, in the case of a guided tour of the permanent exhibition and 3 business days in the case of participation in the meetings which are interpreted into sign language.

The Museum offers tours from Tuesday to Sunday for:

– people with vision impairment,

– people with deafblindness,

– people with hearing impairment,

– people with intellectual disabilities.

Both organised groups and individuals are encouraged to book activities:

Anna Posłuszna

telephone: +48 58 670 41 89


Joanna Gojżewska

telephone: +84 58 670 41 60


The services are available until 31st August thanks to the “Museum With No Exceptions” project, which was co-financed with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as a part of the “Available Culture” programme. Towarzystwo Pomocy Głuchoniewidomym (the Association for Helping People with Deafblindness) and Centrum Integracja (the Integration Centre) are the partners of the project.


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