Museum With No Exceptions 2016

We present you the Emigration Museum’s new workshop offer for adults and children with intellectual disabilities, vision impairment or hearing loss. Free activities will be available, as a part of the Museum With No Exceptions 2016 project, until the end of August 2016. Their dates will be arranged individually with each group.

The Emigration Museum presents the history of emigration from the Polish lands from the 19th century until today. Its multisensory exhibition tells the stories of Poles who left at different times, for different reasons and to different parts of the world. It is a timeless tale of people who left their country to seek a better life as well as the history of Poland, which we discover from an unknown perspective. Both the exhibition and the activities of the Museum pertain to today’s life of Polish emigrants, travelling and the search for your own roots. The workshops explore these themes creatively and adapt them to the needs of people with disabilities.

The workshops may take place at any time within the duration of the project, which is until 31st August. A visit may be booked by both organised groups and families or groups of friends, in which there are people with disabilities, who would like to spend time together at the Museum.

Its details should be arranged over the telephone or by email with the Education Department of the Emigration Museum (58 670 41 89, 58 670 41 60 | You can use the help of the project coordinators to specify your needs. They will offer you a programme of the visit. The date is set individually for each group, together with the staff of the Museum.

The specialists who conduct the workshops are fully qualified to work with people with disabilities. They collaborate with the Museum regularly, to build an educational offer available to everyone. They include creative elements in the activities. Each of the workshops can be modified, so that it is suitable for the age and degree of disability of the participants.

It is possible to combine the workshops with other elements of the Museum With No Exceptions 2016 offer, like the tour of the permanent exhibition or interpretation of the meetings into the Polish Sign Language.

Museum With No Exceptions 2016 is a free offer for people with vision impairment, hearing impairment or intellectual disabilities. As a part of it, you can participate in tours of the permanent exhibition and take advantage of the interpretation of meetings and lectures into the Polish Sign Language until 31st August.

The Museum With No Exceptions 2016 has been co-financed with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part of the Kultura Dostępna (Accessible Culture) programme.

Offered themes of workshops:

Adults with intellectual disabilities:

Beyond the Ocean

The workshop is focused on themes connected with travelling. Our fingers will travel across the map and we will think where we would like to go and how to get there. We will also talk about the changes in ways of travelling that took place in the last 100 years.

Nine days on Batory

The class explores the reality of life on ships, not only from a passenger’s perspective. We will pay special attention to the jobs one can do on ocean liners.

Children with intellectual disabilities, ages: 8-12 (may be adjusted to other age groups):

Grand voyage

The workshop focuses on safe travelling and a proper preparation for it. The participants also get to know the basic culture differences, which are typical of various countries and regions.

Children and teenagers with hering loss, ages: 8-16 (may be adjusted to other age groups):

Who am I? Where do I come from?

The workshop will involve different modes of reflection on what family is to us, depending on the age of the participants. We will try to make our own family trees, inspired by the family stories of our permanent exhibition.

Adults with full or partial vision impariment:

Living abroad

The aim of the workshop is to present the real characteristic of emigration and show how different the images and experiences of people, who decided to live abroad may be.

Children with full or partial vision impairment, ages: 8-12 (may be adjusted to other age groups):

On a journey

Children learn about the themes connected with leaving the country permanently or just for a short trip. We will try to guess the reasons why people went somewhere and the most popular destinations based on the content of suitcases of emigrants from different decades.


The dates of the workshops are arranged individually.

Bookings can be made as organised groups or families (the whole family participates in the workshop).

Education Department of the Emigration Museum:

58 670 41 89, 58 670 41 60 |


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