Opening week at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia

From Tuesday, May 19 to Saturday, May 23, the newly opened Emigration Museum in Gdynia invites you to cultural and educational events presenting the achievements of Polish emigrants and the era of Polish ocean liners. Mrs. Bożena Aksamit, author of the book “Batory. Gwiazdy, skandale i miłość na transatlantyku” [“Batory. Celebrities, scandals, and love aboard an ocean liner” – trans.] will recount the reality of life aboard the most famous of them. Activities inspired by the discoveries, inventions, and creative output of famous Poles await our younger visitors. All visitors will have an opportunity to learn the story behind the Marine Station through the temporal exposition dedicated to it. We encourage you to drop by Polska Street 1 – admission to the museum is free of charge until the end of May.



Within the walls of the Transit Warehouse, we present to you a photo exhibition recounting the story behind the Marine Station. The presentation is composed of two parts, which together form a chronological timeline which uncovers the history of the Marine Station through photographs from the building’s golden era in the 30s, taken from the rich collection of the Museum of Gdynia and National Digital Archives. We will also see how the edifice changed over the past year – thanks, among others, to extensive documentation by Chris Niedenthal, a world famous documentary photographer, and other distinguished photo artists from the Tricity: Tomasz Zerek and Maciej Moskwa. The arrangement of the exposition was conceived by the designers from Grupa Gdyby.

EUREKA! WORLD-CLASS IDEAS FROM POLAND – from Tuesday, May 19, to Saturday, May 23.

During the opening week, the Emigration Museum in Gdynia invites all children of ages 5 and above to activities inspired by the inventions, discoveries, and creative output of Polish emigrants. We will zip through the sky with Frank Piasecki or build a moon rover with Mieczysław Bekker. Ernest Malinowski will take us on a journey through previously inaccessible parts of the Andes and challenge us with the task of designing the highest railroad in the world. Antoni Patek will explain to us the technology behind a watch, and Anna B. Sheppard will uncover the secrets of making film costumes for Hollywood movie stars. The workshop will take place from Tuesday (May 19) to Friday (May 22) between 5 and 6.30 pm, as well as on Saturday (May 23) between 11 am and 12.30 pm. Attendance is free of charge and no registration is required.

Younger children are invited to spend time together with their parents at Young Traveler’s Hall, where they can find unique books about emigration, travel, and world cultures.

All families will also receive a special brochure containing puzzles and games they can solve while visiting our permanent exhibition.

May 23, 3 pm, Cinema Hall of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia


The history of the legendary Polish ocean liner “Batory” which during its 33 years of servicewitnessed a great many love affairs, dramas, farewells, and wild parties… The ship was host to such distinguished people as Adolf Dymsza, Hanka Ordonówna, Kalina Jędrusik, Arkady Fiedler, Wojciech Kossak and many others. The famous “Passenger” by Andrzej Munk was filmed here. Stand-up comedy group Dudek and folk group Mazowsze made appearances here, while Tomasz Raczek organized film screenings. This is the history of the most famous lounge in Poland – where stars sparkled and great dramas unfolded. We invite you to his exceptional meeting with the author of the book “Batory. Celebrities, scandals, and love aboard an ocean liner”, Mrs. Bożena Aksamit.

Admission is free of charge.


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