Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski died

Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, political scientist and National Security Adviser to former President Jimmy Carter, died on May 26, 2017. For the Emigration Museum he was a special figure. Poland was always important for the prominent and one of the most influential US foreign policy strategists.

In May 2015, shortly before the opening of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Professor Brzezinski handed to us a unique gift – his 1979-1983 correspondence with Pope John Paul II. The letters express reflections and analysis of the development of the international situation as well as concern for Poland, especially in the context of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and the martial law.

By this precious gift handed to the newly opened institution Professor Brzezinski showed his recognition for the idea of connecting Poles from all over the world, which is the mission of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. The correspondence demonstrates how much Poland meant for the two prominent Poles, who at that time lived abroad and played in the world politics special roles – of the Polish Pope and US National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

Brzezinski knew very well the Marine Station in Gdynia, which today is the seat of the Emigration Museum. It was the place from which, on the board of “Batory”, in 1938, together with his family he left to Canada. It is commemorated with a plaque placed in the harbour dock in the vicinity of the Museum.


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