Regulations for visiting the Emigration Museum in Gdynia

• For sanitary reasons, all touch screens and interactive installations at the exhibition are presented in a changed form.
• Most multimedia content is currently available only in Polish. • Only healthy people, without symptoms of illness, may enter the permanent exhibition.
• A maximum of 70 people are allowed to tour the permanent exhibition at one time – security staff are obliged to count all visitors.
• In order to avoid gathering in groups, a visitor may enter the permanent exhibition with an interval of 5 minutes after the previous person – the obligation does not apply to families.
• Before starting the tour, it is obligatory to sanitize hands with a disinfection agent located on the stand at the entrance to the exhibition.
• During the visit, it is necessary to wear a nose and mouth covering, possibly a face shield.
• When sneezing or coughing, please cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow.
• Please maintain a safe distance from other guests (2 metres are recommended). It is recommended to move to the next exhibition room only after the previous visitors have left.
• When visiting, it is recommended to avoid contact with touch surfaces.
• Please follow any possible recommendations of the Museum’s security staff.
• When purchasing tickets or shopping in the Museum’s bookstore, we recommend using payment cards.
• The possibility to use audio-guides is suspended.
• Group tours (5 people and more) of the exhibition are suspended.

Regulations for Visiting the Emigration Museum in GdyniaPDF

Rules for Visiting the Emigration Museum in Gdynia during the Epidemic related to COVID-19PDF


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