Seminar Museum. Share!

We would like to invite you to participate in the seminar Museum Share!, which will be held on 24th October at the Museum. The event is aimed at leaders, educators, teachers and employees of cultural institutions as well as children and teenagers’ day support centres.

The seminar summarizes a two year long project which was conducted by the Emigration Museum in Gdynia together with the Perspektywa Association, Fundacja Zmian Społecznych “Kreatywni” and Non Stop Association, with the support of the city of Karlskrona and Stena Line.

During the seminar, you can find out more about the project Museum. Share!, its course, methods of operation and effects. It will also be a chance to participate in workshops and reflect on the ways to widen the circle of culture institutions’ recipients together. You can also gain knowledge in media education and establish new contacts, which could later result in joint projects.

The project Museum. Share! is aimed at the employees of Gdynia’s socio-therapeutic day centres and those in their care. As a part of the project, children prepared their own routes and gave tours of the permanent exhibition to their parents, teachers or friends. They were helped by media workshops on finding information in various sources as well as their critical assessment and presentation. The project’s goal was to develop the social and information skills in children and teenagers, strengthen the family bonds of the participants, integrate the local community and expand the group of the Museum’s offer’s recipients.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. The event is in Polish. The organiser provides lunch and coffee breaks, however the participants have to travel and find accommodation at their own expense.


24th October 2016 (Monday)

10.45 AM – 11.15 AM – participant registration, snacks

11.15 AM – 12.15 – opening of the seminar by the representatives of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia and the project’s partners

How it started, or the small guides from Sunnadalskolan

Peter Skogsberg

Sharing the museum

Agnieszka Kaim

12.15 – 12.30 – coffee break

12.30 – 2.15 PM – two workshops held parallel (you can chose one):

How to engage recipients?

Paulina Jędrzejewska, Karolina Pluta

The participants will have a chance to get to know the background of the project Museum. Share! It will be a platform for asking the Museum team and the staff of the support centres about the crucial aspects of the programme and find out what the largest successes of the project were, what was satisfactory, what was the biggest challenge and what simply did not go according to the plan. Together, we will think what is hidden behind the ideas of recipient engagement and participation at a cultural institution. Apart from the presentation of good practices, the aim of the workshop is to inspire other institutions and organisations to engage their recipients as well.

Media in educational activities

Grzegorz D. Stunża

The workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to gain basic knowledge on using media in cultural, social and educational activity. We will focus on the possibilities to use media in project activity and on improving the media and digital skills at cultural institutions, support centres and NGOs. We will talk about the ways children and teenagers can use media during cultural and education projects with the application of new communication technologies and we will devote some time to practical education in the use of media for education purposes.

2.15 PM – 3 PM – lunch

3.00 PM – 4.00 PM – Tour of the permanent exhibition given by the children who participate in the project

16.10 – 17.30

Networking – catching assets

Paulina Jędrzejewska, Karolina Pluta

What do we know about ourselves? Can we act together and how can we do it? What is the strong side of our organisations, institutions and teams? What methods do we use while we work and how can we exchange them? As we sum up the project Museum. Share! we offer you a networking meeting, which is supposed to provide an occasion for knowledge exchange among the participants of the event. We would like to build a base for further professional activities, which aim at engaging participants and help institutions reach new groups of recipients. The aim is to begin creating a network of contacts, thanks to which participants will be able to use one another’s experience, methods of work, advice and support or organise initiatives, which develop the idea behind Museum. Share!


The number of participants is limited. The order of submissions is decisive. Please send in filled in forms until 21th October 2016 to:

Speakers and workshop teachers:

Paulina Jędrzejewska – experienced coach, certified group coach, sociologist and cultural anthropologist. Prepares programmes and scenarios of non-formal education. Creatively applies new media in culture and education. Has been conducting medialab workshops at the CultureShock foundation for 5 years. She also conducts design workshops at which she takes universal design principles and design thinking method into consideration. She works in the fields of new technology, art in public space and participation. Engaged in public activity for the development of Warsaw urban projects. Makes installations in the public space. She treats them as a platform for dialogue and building social capital. A member of Coalition for Open Education and the Grand Alliance towards Digital Skills in Poland on behalf of the CultureShock Foundation.

Agnieszka Kaim – main education expert at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, where she coordinates projects like Muzeum. Share!, Multicultural Gdynia – tradition of hospitality and Culture MEGaphone. Chairwoman of the Social Initiatives Foundation Się Zrobi!. As an educator and social animator, she worked with numerous institutions and organisations, like Gdańsk City Gallery (Idealna.Lab) or the City Culture Institute in Gdańsk. Participant of British Council’s Active Citizens programme. Author and coordinator of social and cultural projects, including the VIDEO! project – VJ workshops aiming to make the chances at access to new technologies equal for girls. Winner of the award of the Mayor of Gdynia for preparing and implementing the educational activity strategy at the Emigration Museum (2016).

Karolina Pluta – organiser of cultural activities, theatre educator, member of the Theatre Educators Association board, performer. She did Polish studied as well as applied social sciences at the University of Warsaw. Has worked with the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” since 2008, where she managed networks like Flying Cultural Activity Organisers and Flying Sociologists. Author of social projects as well as educational materials for cultural activity organisers, librarians and teachers. She works for several NGOs, where she teaches at training sessions, conducts public consultations and workshops for young people, employees of cultural institutions, teachers, local leaders and sociologists. She completed and art coaching course and NGO Trainers’ School. A partner of the Theatre Institute and the Warsaw Chamber Opera. She conducts her won, original workshops Professional error – what we say and think about failures.

Peter Skogsberg – museum educator at Marinmuseum in Karlskrona for which he has worked since 2000. Since 1992 a teacher of Swedish and citizenship education at a primary school in which 95 per cent of students come from immigrant families of 40 nationalities, including refugees. He specializes in teaching children who are not native speakers of Swedish and students with special needs, including those who are in danger of social exclusion. The author of educational socio-cultural projects aimed at children from disadvantaged communities, like Mini-Guides or Theatre in the borderland. In recognition of his achievements in education and social integration, he was given awards like Karlskrona Municipality Democracy Award (2011) and The Gold Book award for eminent teachers (2008).

Grzegorz D. Stunża – assistant professor at the Media Education Unit at the Institute of Education of the University of Gdańsk. Lecturer, researcher, coach and author of training materials. He specializes in the widely understood media education and media/digital skills. Member of the Committee for the Digital Olympiad ( Expert for the Cybernauci ( project financed by the Ministry of Education. Works for the City Culture Institute, Nowoczesna Polska Foundation and the Emigration Museum. Received a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for culture activities organisation and cultural education (2013). Runs the blog.

Additional information:

Agnieszka Kaim

telephone: 56 498 41 56

mobile: 539 998 941

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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