SUPER power team. Sunday with Witold Gombrowicz

The world is full of superheroes! Can we find them in the museum?
We invite you to the workshops to meet the SUPER power team: amazing Polish women and Polish men.

What are their super powers?

Join our team on Sunday (details below) from 11.00 to 12.30.

The workshops are for families with children over 5 years old.

During each workshop, you will receive special cards with heroes for your collection.

Cost: 10 PLN per workshop, sibling + 5 PLN. Carers attend free of charge.


Please provide your name, phone number, date of the selected workshops and consent to the processing of personal data: I hereby agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes necessary for the SUPER power team workshops. I am informed that: the personal data administrator is the Museum of Emigration in Gdynia, ul. Polska 1, 81-339 Gdynia; my personal data will be processed in order to provide SUPER power team workshops; I have the right to access my personal data, to change them, and request to stop processing; providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for the implementation of the activities.

See you!

Plan of future meetings:

05.11 Experimental Sunday with Maria Skłodowska-Curie

19.11 Royal look with Antoni Cierplikowski

17.12 Unforgettable voyage with Witold Gombrowicz

14.01 Peruvian trip with Ernest Malinowski

28.01 Australian escapade with Paweł Edmund Strzelecki

11.02 Afternoon concert with Valentino Liberace

25.02 Patterned confusion with Sarah Lipska

11.03 Folk & Roll with Zofia Stryjeńska

25.03 Animated adventure with Warner Brothers

15.04 Painting Academy with Olga Boznańska!

29.04 World Cinema with Pola Negri

13.05 Sports competitions with Halina Konopacka

27.05 Cosmic Sunday with Mieczyslaw Bekker


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