The Emigration Museum is reopened for visitors!

From Tuesday, February 2nd, the building of the Marine Station with the permanent exhibition of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia will be reopened for visitors. We also have good news for all those who did not manage to visit the temporary exhibition “Carboland”- the exhibition is extended until 30 May. See what else we have prepared for you after the break. 

After a few months’ break, we will meet again at the Museum. Following the decision of the government, art galleries and museums will be opened from the beginning of February, but still subject to the sanitary regime. 

On this occasion, in the first week of February, a promotion for all museum gadgets awaits you in our bookstore. 

Knowing the needs of our recipients and taking care of the availability of the permanent exhibition in the current situation, we are constantly looking for new solutions. That is why, with the reopening, we present you the possibility of using the new application that serves as a guide to the permanent exhibition. The application is based on the traditional audioguide function. It has also been translated into Polish Sign Language. 

In addition, you will again be able to take full advantage of the touchscreen functions, which we have equipped with styluses available when picking up your ticket at the ticket office. 

We are also extending the duration of the temporary exhibition “Carboland” about the Polish emigration to coal mines in France and Belgium during the interwar period, which was scheduled to end on January 31st. Due to great interest and numerous inquiries, we decided to make it available for visitors by May 30. 

Educational activities are suspended until further notice. 

Before visiting, please read the current regulations of the Museum – SEE


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