The acoustic dimension of emigration

During MIGRATIONS | CREATIONS passengers of the Tricity SKM network will have a special smartphone application at their disposal.

Street art is not only graffiti – artists working in a public space don’t cease to resort to newer means of expression. During MIGRATIONS | CREATIONS we will have a chance to see works making use of various ways to reach the recipients, including a smartphone application.

Krzysztof Topolski, the author of “Arszyn / Emigrant GPS”, will take the passengers of the SKM railway circulating between Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdańsk on an acoustic journey through tales and countries. The installation is based on GPS and a mobile phone with the adequately programmed Android application mentioned before. Users will hear stories of Poles which were registered in London during the work on the “Arszyn Emigrant” project in 2007. Other elements, such as field recordings, interviews, sounds, and soundscapes collected and recovered by the author will appear during the journey resulting in an interactive composition with elements of radio play, musique concrete, and acoustic soundscapes. Its narrative will be constructed by the listeners themselves depending on their geographic location on the route.

The application is available free of charge here. You will also find a QR code on the posters promoting the event which allows you to download the application directly to your phone.


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