The first issue of the Polish Migration Review

The Polish Migration Review is a scientific journal issued twice a year in Polish and English. It contains articles, reviews, interviews and presents the collections of the Museum of Emigration.

It is issued by the Museum of Emigration in Gdynia.

The journal contains inter alia the texts analysing the cause and the scope of the migration crisis in Europe, as well as its political and social result in Central Europe. The analysis of the migration policy in Italy, to which only 149 thousand immigrants arrived in 2015 or the analysis of the situation in Ukraine, where due to the hybrid war almost 3 million people were forced to change the place of residence.

The issue is closed with the texts on contemporary Polish emigration to Iceland and the report on the first international conference “Poles and Polonia in Latin America”.

The editor-in-chief is Dr. Rafał Raczyński, the head of the History and Research Department at the Museum of Emigration, and the Scientific Council is attended by recognized migration researchers from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA and Italy.

The journal will be provided to libraries, scientific institutes and museums.


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