Catalogue of the temporary exhibition “Climax” [“Klimaks”] – premiere

We offer you a bilingual, Polish-English catalogue of the temporary exhibition “Climax” [“Klimaks”] in free access.

The publication provides an extensive commentary to the exhibition, which tells the story of the first Polish settlers in South America. The starting point for the exhibition was the relationship between man and nature, in particular the consequences that human migrations have on the natural environment. Consequently, Rafał Raczyński’s and Claudia Stefanetti Kojrowicz’s articles discuss the still largely unknown threads of Polish migration to the territories of present-day Brazil and Argentina.

otwarty katalog wystawy Klimaks. Po prawej stronie zdjęcie ze spisem nazwisk. Po lewej stronie opis zdjęcia w językach polskim i angielskim.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition follows this pro-ecological curatorial concept, which is described in the publication by curator Maksymilian Bochenek. This is reflected both in the selection of texts and in the very design of the catalogue prepared by Honza Zamojski.

A significant part of the catalogue was devoted to the photographic project “Waiting for Snow”, which is also the center of the exhibition “Climax” [“Klimaks”]. An extensive compilation of photographs by Katarzyna and Marianne Wąsowskie is presented in the publication accompanied by a commentary by Adam Mazur. In the article he contrasts “Waiting for Snow” with the current of contemporary sociological photography. The readers of the catalogue can also learn about the perspective of the loss of global biodiversity, discussed in a unique way by Robert Rient, as well as about the activity of the Biodiversitatis Foundation, presented in an interview by Marta Kolanowska, President of the organization.

Bearing in mind the wide availability of the publication, the project of the catalogue was created with a desire to meet the various needs of our audience. The publication contains descriptions of alternative photos, is machine-readable, and adapted to the needs of the visually impaired.

We encourage you to read the catalogue of the temporary exhibition “Climax” [“Klimaks”]. The catalogue in PDF format will open for download after clicking on this text.

If you are interested in the printed version of the catalog, please contact us by e-mail: The publication is offered free of charge, shipping by post at the recipient’s expense. The number of printed catalogs is limited – we send one copy to each interested person.

Otwarty katalog wystawy Klimaks. Po lewej stronie zdjęcia stołów z wystawy Carboland z ekspozycją. Po prawej stronie to samo zdjęcie z pustymi stołami.


6 Wstęp

8 Introduction

11 Maksymilian Bochenek

Tekst kuratorski

15 Rafał Raczyński

Emigracja Polaków do brazylijskich stanów Parana, Santa Caterina oraz Rio Grande do Sul i argentyńskiego Misiones (do 1914 roku)

29 Claudia Stefanetti Kojrowicz

Polscy pionierzy w lesie podzwrotnikowym

35 Adam Mazur Czekając na Śnieg. W kierunku fotografii socjologicznej XXI wieku

41 Katarzyna Wąsowska, Marianne Wąsowska

Czekając na Śnieg | Waiting for the Snow

147 Maksymilian Bochenek Curatorial Text

151 Rafał Raczyński

Polish Emigration to the Brazilian States of Parana, Santa Caterina, Rio Grande do Sul and Misiones in Argentina (Until 1914)

165 Claudia Stefanetti Kojrowicz

Polish Pioneers in the Subtropical Forest

171 Adam Mazur

Waiting for the Snow. Towards Sociological Photography of the 21st Century BIODIVERSITATIS

179 Robert Rient O tym, jakie imię nosi ta, od której zależy życie

185 Robert Rient, Marta Kolanowska Wywiad

191 Robert Rient What is the Name of the One on Whom Life Depends

195 Robert Rient, Marta Kolanowska


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